To the sound of the glaciers,
All melting and cracking
Was added the sound
Of some diligent packing.

A yeti was deep
In his cave in the rocks,
Immersed in the sorting
Of t-shirts and socks.

“Whussup?” asked his cousin,
Tibetan Blue Bear.
But the yeti just gave
A deep groan of despair.

“Why down?” asked the bear
While he started arranging
His cousin’s dress shirts.
“Our whole climate is changing!”

Said the yeti. “Temp’s up now
By several degrees
And where there are pines,
Soon it’s coconut trees!

Yet you seem so calm—
Don’t you find this alarming?
Just think of Al Gore
On the subject of warming!”

Blue Bear gave a shrug.
“Seems to me the solution
Is easy—if you see this
As next evolution.

Don’t worry your head
If the mountains unfreeze!
Just look at it this way:
The ice floods the seas,

The seas rise and rise
Until they will reach
The edge of K2—
And your cave has a beach

and the climbers are gone,
Sherpas, too, off your turf.
Think Darwin: adapt—
Let’s both learn to surf!”


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