“So, junior d,” asked the Intel committee,
“If you lied to us now, it would be such a pity
To ruin your family’s good name for veracity—
So who all was there, please, in any capacity?”

“Well,” junior said, “I and kushie and paul
And, some Russian or other—but, really, that’s all.”
“No one else?” asked a senator, “just four of you?”
“Hmm. Let me think. No—that isn’t quite true.”

He glanced at his fingers. “Five, I think—and no more.”
“But a moment ago, you said there were four.”
“Four or five—what’s the diff? I’m not out to deceive—
And besides, kushie got up and started to leave,

Which left five.” “Five were left? But that means there were six.”
Junior d looked quite puzzled. “Is my mind playing tricks?
I was there, as was kushie, and paul for discussions
With three, maybe four, of those visiting Russians,

But paul used his i-phone, then he doesn’t count,
So eight, maybe nine, is the total amount.”
“So how many Russians were there all in all?”
“I’m not good with math—so you’ll have to ask paul,

But later he said—he’s a bit of a grouch–
That the ten of them crowded him right off the couch.”
“So far,” said a senator, “that makes thirteen.”
“Yeah. And paul said he felt like a goddamned sardine,

But there was still room for that crew from RT
And from Sputnik as well—so that makes twenty-three.”
“Twenty-three?” asked a senator. “Or perhaps twenty-eight—
I told you my math skills weren’t really so great.

It’s a small office, too—but it still fit them all
So nobody had to wait out in the hall
And we had enough chairs, so not one had to stand
And still there was room for that whole marching band.”

“Is that finally all? Are you sure of the count?”
“Yes, I think eighty-six is the total amount.”
“Eighty-six and that’s it? You’re totally sure?”
“Yes—no—wait—there was one more guy—that makes ninety-four.

He slipped in real quiet and stood by the door.
He nodded, because I had seen him before.
I don’t really know him—but I know he knows dad
And I think—I’m not sure—but I think his name’s vlad.”


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