As Houses

D trump stared at the ceiling

And then he tapped the wall.

He peeked behind the pictures

And glanced into the hall.


Then reaching in a desk drawer,

Thinking, “Crazy? like a fox!”

He pulled out blunt-tipped scissors and

a big Alcoa box


and set to work, with shiny sheets

to overlap each joint

until the thing was smooth and round

and rose into a point.


“Take that, Obama! Oh so smart—

Spy on yourself instead!”

He muttered as he placed the thing

Upon his ill-dyed head.


“It’s microwaves, says Kellyanne,

Or maybe my tv.

There’s cameras in it, that I know,

And cell phones? Possibly.


The CIA, those Nazi guys—

And after that ovation!

It’s just as well I weekend in

A very safe location


Where I can golf and golf and golf

And think I’ll never stop

And crowds of foreign leaders can

Enjoy a photo op


While in the background there’s my team,

Hand-picked for their distinction,

Discussing North Korea’s plans

For nuclear extinction.


It’s all so safe, I tell you, folks—

And calm as it appears,

But I’m demanding Congress will

Begin a probe of Sears!”


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