No Kidding!

“Now, honestly, I was joking—

I make a lot of jokes—

But it is clear when I am not.

Come on, believe me, folks!


I’m serious on health care,

On taxes—you can tell—

I’m serious, too, on NATO,

And divestiture, as well.


I’m sober on the EPA,

And trimming all the fat

From foreign aid and furthermore

I’m deadly serious that


The media lies—misrepresents

My thoughts on each position

And so I’m serious saying they’re

The political opposition.


I’m serious, too, when I have said

That millions filled the Mall

And also when I say that Mexico

Will fund the wall.


The popular vote I lost—and this

Is one of Hillary’s gloats–

I’m serious was due to those

5 mil illegal votes.


And as for Vlad, I’m serious, too—

I never met the man

And I am sure that every rape’s

Due to a Mexican.


But when I’m being funny, you

Can always tell—it’s true!

I only use my right hand to send

Those tweets to you


Who put me in the White House,

Despite my many gaffs,

And when I said my phone was tapped,

I said it just for laughs.


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