Dum Spiro, Spero

The elephant, with a noise

That was both blaring and farty,

Collapsed in a heap

On the republican party.


And yet, with a vision

Which could only be tunnel,

The first to deny it

Was mitchell mcconnell.


“If there was an elephant,

Please do remember

That you and I loosed him

Way back in November


And sneaked past some bills

In his lumbering shadow

While ignoring the critics

Like Cooper and Maddow.


So now when it’s clear

We have almost succeeded

In giving the Kochs

And their friends what they needed—


A tax break not just of

A few paltry billions,

But now in the range

Of a couple of trillions


While meanwhile our plan’s

Moving on to depriving

Those vampires of welfare

Of the means of surviving:


The old and the poor,

And every brown kiddy

Who lives in the sticks

Or the deep inner city,


And thinks he should eat

At the country’s expense—

Well, Trump says, ‘You’re wrong!’

(And so does Mike Pence.),


Think: there is no elephant—

Make that correction!

And no foreign government

Skewed our election–


It just never happened—

It’s those democrats lyin’

That’s God’s honest truth–

Just go ask paul ryan!


So now, while it seems

We are in an eclipse,

Use the light on your cellphone

To study my lips:


We are patriots all,

Of the party of Lincoln

And even if everything

Seems to be stinkin’,


It’s a good, manly smell—

A kind of a musk–

And that big curving thing

Over there is no tusk,


And just as we see no

Real sign of collusion,

The fact that we’re dying

Is all an illusion.”


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