“I have this urge,” a lemming said,

“but don’t know what to do.”

“That’s odd,” another lemming said.

“I have that same urge, too.”


Around them other lemmings came,

All being on the verge

Of doing something—not clear what—

But following the urge.


And then another, louder one,

With quite alarming hair,

Leaped up and shouted,

“Follow me!” his paws raised in mid-air.


“I know the way! It’s big! It’s yuge!

It’ll make the tundra great!

You’ll win and win—I tell you folks—

We haven’t time to wait!”


“But, hang on!” one old lemming cried.

“You haven’t said your choice

Of action.” “Doesn’t matter, gramps—

I am the People’s Voice!


And you’d do well to shut your mouth

Or suddenly you’ll find

That wolves like lemming best for lunch

When you get left behind!”


“But—” “Stop right there!” the other said.

“It’s clear now, from your views,

That you are one more victim of

The media’s fake news!


Forget him, folks!” he shouted out.

“We haven’t time today

To argue with the ignorant!

So, follow me! This way!”


“What’s so—” began the older one,

But that was all he said

Before the others trampled him

To join the one, instead


As he rushed on, the echoes of

His words, like “Lies!” and “Hoax!”

All mixed together on the wind

With lines like “Trust me, folks!


And “People say!” and “So much proof!”

And “Frankly, Honestly”

As lemming followed lemming and

They sped down towards the sea


Till finally, just dead ahead,

A cliff came into view.

“Don’t stop!” he shouted

“Almost there!” and “Folks, I promise you!”


As he stepped to the side and waved,

“Straight on! We’re almost done!”

While each, pushed on by those behind,

Pitched over, till just one


Was left—the eldest, doubting still—

Who clung to land and cried,

“What were you doing?” but the one

Just kicked his paws aside


And smiled to see the elder’s splash

Join other wave impacts.

“It’s instinct–that, and their belief

That there were alternate facts!”


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