Y’all Bin Warned

D trump stepped right up to the mic

Like a c & w star,

Pushed back his Stetson, smiled at folks

And, strumming his guitar,

Began to sing a song of truth,

about the coming war.


“Good people, as the bloody scene

Which decked the streets of Bowling Green

Is fading from your memory, now’s

The time that you remember how

Another ghastly deed was done

Within the land of midnight sun.


It was last Friday—in the night

Illegal immigrants in flight

From Massachusetts hopped a bus

To Sweden where their King, Karl Gus

Had polished off a final moose

And let his elkhounds wander loose


So warning never came—although

The zillion footprints in the snow

Would be a signal clear to all

That Sweden should have built a wall

Instead of saying welcome to

That tidal wave of migrants who


Roared into Stockholm, their intent

To ruinate the parliament

With millions of illegal votes

Before they set off cutting throats

Of all Swedes—hick, as well as urban–

Whoever didn’t wear a turban.


Three million immigrants appeared

Or was it five? The number veered

Because the Swedish media lies

Just like our liberal media guys

Who always say that more is less

But even they would soon confess


That when the buses came, the crowd

Was bigger than the press allowed

And yet more came—an infestation

Much larger than the population

Until, when all was said and done,

The odds against were two to one.


Too late! The politicians cried.

As myriads of Norsemen died

And when the bloody work was done,

They looked around and found—no one!

Each Muslim brought a couscous pot

With which to cook and eat the lot.


“It makes a change,” said refugees

“From those generic MREs.

And we don’t mind boiled Swedes a bit

When polished off with akvavit

(although we wouldn’t take the risk

Of mixing them with lutefisk!)


So now, where pines and snow are thick,

The only tongue is Arabic

And all because those foolish Swedes

Succumbed to others’ desperate needs.

In contrast, now, we’ll close our border,

Establishing new law and order


To keep us safe from what exists

Out in the world: those terrorists

Who wear full burka or hijab

To hide machine guns and who lob

Grenades from rooftops while their pops

Run countless corner stores and shops.


Be warned: there are no inbetweeners—

Kick out the chadors and the beaners,

Those folks who think us infidels

In places where there aren’t hotels

With ‘trump’ on giant signs on top.

They want our blood and will not stop


Until they kill us in our beds.

Turn out the tanks! Send in the Feds!

Bar all the doors—turn out the light!

Or soon you, too, will join the plight

Of millions slaughtered, as was seen

in Sweden and at Bowling Green.”


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