Keep in Touch!

“Hey, yo!” read the text.

“Thought we had us deal:

You take off sanctions,

We help you steal

Election, but now

Just look how things go—

You keep this up,

Someone is know.

Already is people

Now getting suspici-

Ous and whole plan

Beginning to

Stink like some fish!

You good at distraction,

At confusion, as well.

Is time for distraction.

Confuse them like hell!

But time to abandon

Vote fraud—and tell Spicer

He need better suit

And pretend to be nicer.

We Russians say can’t

Live in hut which is torched

And get lots more flies

Using honey, not borscht.

And maybe you start

Putting leash on loose cannon—

That guy wants world end,

That creepy man Bannon

And likewise dyed lady

Who think she can back

Bad lies with thing she call

Alternative fact.

But, still, pretty good:

NATO shaky, EU,

And so many allies

Be angry with you.

Give you some points—

A few for good tryin’.

Got to go now

And wrestle big lion.



Perhaps you would like

FSB getting cosy

With polonium tea

And that Nancy Pelosi?


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