Fare Well

As the elephants left the circus,

One turned once more to the crowd.

“I’ve always wanted to say this,

but, till now, I was never allowed.


I’m glad to be an elephant,

For all that I’ve been lamed

By the many years that I’ve performed,

But, frankly, I’m ashamed


That we should be the symbol

For greedy people who,

While claiming that they guard your rights,

Are really robbing you.


They smile and say, ‘Elect us!

We understand your pain!’

But still you hurt—and yet elect

Them over and over again!


Have you less sense than we do?

You think you’re masters, yet,

When it comes to their behavior,

It’s we who don’t forget!


Be warned by our example—

We once were wild and free—

And then we trusted humans

And where we’ve been, you see.


So now as we’re departing

For jungles and for rivers

As far from men as we can go,

Trust only who delivers!


The party who once stole our look

Should always raise your hackles.

Believe me, they’re not elephants,

But bands of scheming jackals!”



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