A light went on in d trump’s hair

And he heard a voice, “Time to prepare

Next step of current operation.

Now that you leader of this nation,

Payback time for us—your buddies

So use that speech which always muddies

Water–puddle and not flowing

So no one know which way you going.

You do good work, our little brother,

In saying one thing, then another

Until eyes glaze and no one know

What you said when—is quite a show!

But now is moment to show thanks

For all our help—must scatter ranks

Of NATO first, and then EU

While telling France what must she do

Then, giving Merkel ugly face

When you say Germany bad place

While also say good Britain exit

And Neil Farage be champ of Brexit

So, now instead that he be sinister,

May be he be next Brit prime minister.

Oh—and good—no, better—great

That man you make the Sec. of State

Have medal from bossman over here—

Maybe get some more when he appear

To help with sanctions—they big pain!

And—NATO gone, time that Ukraine

Be ours again—could use their wheat!

But time sign off—so now repeat

Instructions—Vlad give you big greeting–

Then you go back again to tweeting.”


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