Blame Gain

“It’s just so SAD,” said d trump’s tweet,

“About the DNC.

They only have themselves to blame—

That’s plain, at least to me!


We live in such a troubled world

That it seems pretty clear:

If people leave the barn door wide,

The horse will disappear.


Who took the horse? I’ve no idea

And now it’s idle chatter:

It’s their fault that it happened,

So who did it doesn’t matter!


My guess is it’s some Chinese guys

Who best fit their attackers,

Or maybe it’s that website plague

Those fat-assed Jersey hackers.


In any case, I know for sure

That Vlad is in the clear.

He’s one smart guy and doesn’t care

What we do over here.


President, or almost, I

Know extra special stuff

And it tells me that he’s innocent

And that should be enough


For you—next week, I might say more

Or maybe two or three.

It’s just so secret I can’t say

Much more than “we will see”.


Or—maybe, folks, I should say more—

I shouldn’t, but you say

You love me ‘cause I speak my mind.

Such pressure. Cave? Okay!


I said I blamed the democrats

For loose security,

But I was being really nice

And now that I can see


That they think they can undermine

That I was the selection

Of voters in the fifty states,

That I rigged the election,


The gloves are off—I won’t be nice

Since I am being tarnished,

So here it is, folks, honestly,

And, frankly, it’s unvarnished.


The truth is that the democrats,

While blaming FSB,

Were really doing it themselves:

They hacked the DNC!


They knew that they were losing big

But couldn’t take the shame

Of saying that their candidate

Was why they lost the game,


So someone—who knows who it was?

(I do, but I can’t tell)

Suggested that they make a leak

And then it leaked like hell!


So when you see that they would like

A full investigation,

You know that they are bluffing

Since it means the revelation


That they themselves are guilty

And the truth, if someone delves

Into it very deeply,

Is that they have fucked themselves!”


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