Cirque for Today

It isn’t fake news, though it’s from BBC

(and CNN covered it too, luckily),

But there is a mistake and we need a correction

As it’s something to do with the recent election.

The story went out and it wasn’t the daily

Report about war—but of Barnum and Bailey

And how after more than a century it’s

Folding its tents and now calling it quits.

Although we are glad that the elephants left,

The real story is that the world’s not yet bereft—

In fact, instead of retiring, we’ll see

That the circus is now on its way to D.C.

It’s three rings and more, but with animals gone

It’s filling its tents on the west White House lawn

With clowns and more clowns—if they scared you before,

Be ready for four years of nightmares galore.

In tent number one, we’ll see Betsy the Clown

Leap from a Mercedes to burn public schools down.

There’s Mikey the Clown in number three tent—

Watch him spy on Muslims—the bad ones, we meant!

But in the main tent, there is so much to please

With billionaire clowns on tightrope and trapeze

Who, at the same time, while the Wall Street crowd squeals,

Will perform slight of hand making clandestine deals!

And you can be sure that each star entertainer

Maintains his strong ties to his Muscovite trainer

Where they have a circus that’s made up of sharks

Who wear suits and are locally called “oligarchs”.

But best clown of all—and the best of all treats

Is the Ringmaster, who speaks entirely in tweets.

He’s dazzling—his words always on a new tack

Announcing an act—which then he’ll take back—

Since he’s won great acclaim from the north to the south

For saying one thing with each side of his mouth.

You’ll scream and you’ll choke! You’ll be gasping for air!

As some clowns knock big holes in your medicare

While others throw knives at a pale FDA

Or shoot from a cannon the limp EPA.

But for the finale: the clowns will cavort

As they help to select a brand new Supreme Court

In which every member from Chief Justice down

Will have the same face paint as Jeffy the Clown

And then join the band in an exit parade

In which they march right over Roe versus Wade.

It’s years in the making! It’s pre-Civil War!

The Republic collapses while spectators roar!


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