Kellyanne sat there in wonder:

“I’m just at a total loss

How you keep people guessing–

Are you a magician, boss?”


“Kellyanne, it’s true it’s magic,”

He said with a charming dimple.

“It’s partly I’m a genius,

But the secret’s really simple.


Call in that window cleaner—

I’ll show you how I do it

And when you see the secret,

You’ll know there’s nothing to it.”


She tapped on the corner window:

The man looked rather baffled,

But, when she waved a twenty,

He hopped right off his scaffold.


“So, Mister Window Cleaner,”

Trump asked. “K.A., take note—

When it came to the last election,

Did D Trump get your vote?”


The window cleaner stood there

And seemed to slowly ponder,

But after a couple minutes,

She could see his attention wander


And soon he started texting,

While rooted to the spot.

D Trump smiled at his manager.

“You see? The guy’s forgot.


The basis of my method—

And I said it’s a simple plan–

Is to form my tweets and speeches

On the average attention span.


I’ve mastered all the research—

Though you know that I hate to boast—

And I’ve learned it only stretches

To five minutes—at the most.


But watch—a demonstration.”

He turned to the window guy.

“You know, I love the Russians

And can I tell you why?


They won me the election—

It’s true, that Clinton dig—

And so, when it comes to Putin,

I really owe him big!”


He smiled at the window cleaner,

Who had looked up from his phone

And stared at that smiling figure

With surprise at his cheerful tone.


“If what you said is truthful,”

He said, “that’s a terrible crime!

We’re talking here impeachment.”

Trump said: “K.A.—the time?”


“I’d give him two more minutes.”

“With him, I’d say one’s a lot!”

“So,” Trump asked,” what about Putin?”

Blank look. Phone. “He forgot!”


“Beginner’s luck?” she answered.

“No—science—can’t defeat it!

To prove it’s true, just watch as I

Consistently repeat it.


So, Mr. Window Cleaner,

Putin makes me want to puke

And so you are the first to know:

Ten minutes till I nuke.”


The thumbs froze in position.

The window washer stared.

“Time?” “Give him three more minutes.”

“Time’s up? Now, be prepared!


So, Mr. Window Washer,

I’ll put you on the spot:

Aren’t I best buds with Putin?”

Blank look, thumbs down. “Forgot!”


“Wow, boss! Now I believe you.

My God! That’s really wild!

I’ll remember that forever!”

Trump looked at his watch and smiled.


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