We Owe You One

D trump stood at the podium—

Excitement was intense—

Since all had paid big money

Just to schmooze with vp pence


And to be seen with donald trump,

Their hero, someone free

From every kind of prejudice

And ugly bigotry.


“I have a list of thank-you’s here,”

Said Trump, with list in fist.

“The first, those guys from Portugal–

Without, there wouldn’t exist


The Middle Passage which then brought

Crammed into every cranny

Ten million paid-for immigrants

From toddler up to granny.


And next, those kindly Dutch folks who

Then braved Atlantic waves

To bring Virginia settlers

Their first authentic slaves.


To follow up, then, all the South

two centuries and more

Who used those slaves’ descendants

Until the Civil War.


Next, then, are all those men in hoods

Who rode throughout the night

To keep themselves (ex-owners) safe—

They’re now called the Alt-right.


And, finally, though not here tonight—

Which one would have the cash?

Those who, by staying home, helped me

In my yuge, landslide smash


Of liberals and the media

Who write such lies of me

And, that big fibber of them all,

That lying Hillary.


So, now, in closing, as you know,

I hate to boast or brag,

But, as you see on southern poles

Once more that rebel flag,


It was my doing, but I say,

Give credit where it’s due.

I wouldn’t stand right here today

If it were not for you.”


Loud Applause. Dixie.


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