“Well, that was fun,” he said, “now trump’s

The winner by my messing.

And, with my dazzling hacker’s skill

I’ve left the cretins guessing.”


His chair creaked as he leaned way back,

“I hope it makes them go nuts

To try to figure who I am!”

And grabbed a box of doughnuts


And filled his mouth, then took a swig

Of Pepsi, gulped, and giggled.

“They think it’s Putin!” double chins

Flapped, quivered, flopped, and jiggled.


“And so does he—he’s left a trail

Of praise for Vlad the Vicious

That, even if he tries to back

Away, it looks suspicious!”


A bag of chips then disappeared,

Likewise two bowls of chili,

A hoagie and six Twinkies were

All gobbled willy-nilly.


“It’s so ironic when he said

To satisfy his backers,

It’s just impossible to trace

The signature of hackers


And so it might be China now

Which has us at its mercy,

Or maybe it’s some extra-large

Computer guy from Jersey!


Revenge is sweet—the shit dumped me,

But now he’s got this shadow—

Is he a Putin puppet? what

A gift for Rachel Maddow!”


He laughed so hard his swivel chair

Near buckled with his weight.

“A blast, but now it’s time to run

My home, the Garden State.”


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