A List

D Trump had finished with his list

Of government reformers

And now began another for

Inaugural performers.


With YouTube on, he made some notes

Of those who in the past

Had sung for new-sworn presidents

And he was writing fast.


“He wasn’t much as president,

But good enough I can say

To have the best to sing for him,

Aretha and Beyonce,


There’s Sting and Stevie Wonder, too,

Mariah, Usher, Kanye,

Garth Brooks and Springsteen, Mary J.

And did I say Beyonce?”


Inspired, he grabbed his phone and thumbed

For Steve and Kellyanne

To see what progress had been made

In working up a plan.


“So, Steve, Obama had them all,”

He thundered in his tweet.

“It’s really yuge, I want the best

So that the ones we beat


Will sit at home and watch tv

And wish that they were here

Instead of sitting all alone

And weeping in their beer.


Who have we got? “ He waited then

But, unanticipated,

He kept on looking at his phone

And waited, waited, waited.


At last, his counselor replied,

“There’s someone in Savannah

Who claims she sings just like Adele;

From South Bend, Indiana,


The KKK’s own marching band

Will play in the parade

If it’s allowed a place before

The victory motorcade.


But, Katie Perry told us no

And no from Elton John,

Vince Neil said nope and there’s no hope

We’ll get Celine Dion.”


D Trump typed back, “Now this is SAD!

And we were on a roll!

We have to find a surefire way

To top the Nielsen poll.


We need someone who stands for all

We stand for in the wings.

But wait! Now this is really good:

Do you think Mel Gibson sings?”


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