Ayenbite of Inwyt

Said one House rep to another,

“I’ve a little scheme for us

Which eliminates confusion

And all other kinds of fuss

As when people will examine

All those little things we do

To help out corporations

Which then help me and you.


We will hold a secret meeting

And we’ll pass a little bill

Which will shield us from inspection

While we’re working on the Hill.

When it’s passed it’s good insurance

Since it makes things disappear

From the kind of observation

That we House reps have to fear.


We had made a major error

When we voted to create

That OCE, which makes it hard

For us to obfuscate.

So it’s time that we reduced it

From the place where it can cramp

To a menial position

Where it’s just a rubber stamp.”


But there came the sound of trumpets

And a great light in the sky

And the House of Reps was ringing

With a bold and daring cry:

“Don’t you realize that people,

Even dumb ones in the street,

Might catch on to what you’re up to?”

Came the word count of a tweet.


And the House reps felt ashamed then,

And they knew they never ought

To behave in such a fashion

Or at least to not get caught,

So they shrugged at one another

And slipped back into the shade

Where their votes are sold in private

And where every deal is made.


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