Upon Reflection

It’s really five weeks now, he thought,

Since Tuesday, when we won.

I like the sound of ‘President’

And ruling will be fun.


d trump looked in the mirror, then,

to monitor his tint—

rich corn? Rich wheat? Or maybe just

a tiny little hint


of statesman grey—or not?—he smiled,

lips wide for signs of plaque,

then frowned because surprised to see

his face did not smile back.


“It’s gotten serious, Donny, and

You’ve got to face the facts.

The only cabinet that you know

Is full of drinks and snacks.


You’ve got these jobs you have to fill

With men of gravitas.

And better add a chick or two

To help protect your ass


From those who heard your comments

About past stardom joys

And didn’t then excuse you

With, ‘What can you do with boys?’ “


“So what?—“ “Shut up and listen:

I’ve got a plan for you.

Just think like me, your mirror,

And here’s what you should do.


For every new position

Select someone to fit

Whose view of things is clearly

The very opposite.”


“You mean—“ “for Labor, pick one

Hates Unions—doesn’t trust ‘em.

And when he’s told to keep ‘em safe,

His only job’s to bust ‘em.


For Education, get someone

Whose all-too strident voice

Is always pure pro-charter

But masquerades as ‘choice’.


Environment? Choose someone

Who thinks it really strange

That anyone, with half a brain,

Believes in climate change.”


“I get it—so Interior

would be someone fulfilling

Big Oil’s wish that fed park land

Be open now for drilling?”


“Good boy—you see just how it’s done,

I’ll visit now another

Client whom I’ve long advised—

I mean Snow White’s stepmother.”


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