Visions and Revisions

D Trump sat there, frowning, at his desk and repeated,

“This isn’t the tweet that I’m sure that I tweeted!

Who said that?” asked he.

“Now who could read this and then easily credit

Such stuff?—I’ll just give each one a quick little edit,”

Then corrected DT:


“In our first weeks, we’ll clear up this whole NAFTA mess

And restore manufacturing to the US,”

Who said that?” asked he. “It’s

We’d like to stop treaties and would in a jiffy,

But trade wars could make our economy iffy,”

So tweeted DT. And


“We’ll drain all the swampland from here to D.C.,

And make sure that all runs with transparency.

Who said that?” asked he. “It’s

The government here shows such complexity

That to change it means having to wait and to see,”

So tweeted DT. And


“Down Mexico way we will build a great wall

And make sure the Mexicans pay for it all.

Who said that?” asked he. “It’s

We’ll work on our borders to make them secure,

But what that will mean is, at present, unsure,”

So tweeted DT. And


“We’ll put all your fears of our conflicts to rest—

Just watch and see how we can quickly divest.

Who said that?” asked he. “It’s

The president’s bound by no law we can see,

But we’ll trust all our funds to our own family,”

Tweeted DT.


“It’s a puzzle to me, Steve, how these things get spread—

It must be the media who misquote what I said.

Who’d say that?” asked he.

“I’m relieved that it’s easy to make it all clear—

Now please make those other words just disappear,”

Tweeted DT.


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