Other Foot

“The thing wasn’t rigged,” said d trump to his staff.

“It’s pure simple math—if you just take one half

Of the voters—that’s ours—then we’ll be way ahead

If you take theirs and lose ten percent for the dead,


And another for all of the aliens who

All voted two times, multiply that by two

And you’ll see—if I’m wrong—and you know I don’t err—

That only six people have voted for her


And now I read Coulter has just texted me

That five of those showed the same voter i.d.

While the sixth is the one who began this whole mess—

Her name? I’m not saying—I think you can guess!


And yet they want recounts! The nerve of these folk!

They think our elections are some kind of joke.

I won—so it’s clear as my Scots golfcourse air

That this last election was perfectly fair,


As we always knew it was going to be

(that is, if the populace voted for me).

So now Hillary and her buddy, Obama,

Along with his wife, that high-heeled monkey-mama,


Can shout all they like—they no longer are choosers

But chosen—and picked to be nothing but losers.

The people have spoken—you know that that’s true–

And since they chose me, there is nothing to do


For the dems but live with it— we’re now the new Feds!

And they should be branded with L on their heads—

Which makes me think…quick! Kellyanne, make a note:

If Clinton’s a felon, doesn’t she lose her vote?”


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