Missing, Not Missed

You wouldn’t think a person so inflated,

A Hindenburg, and just as full of gas,

Would disappear so quickly and completely,

But, yep, he’s blown away for all his mass.


Unfortunately for the state he governs,

He’s gone back there, his tail between his stumps.

A would-be king, he even failed as lackey,

But that’s the price of putting faith in Trumps—


A fate we think which soon will come to millions

Who voted for that loud, enhanced-hair guy

Who promises the moon, but in the sequel,

Will only profit his sole pronoun, “I”.


So, tell us where you think he might be hiding,

That man who stocked his stomach like a fridge?

Well, we would guess, from certain past behavior,

He’s hiding with the trolls below a bridge!


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