Wiederauffuehrung (Rerun)

A wasted figure, dim with age

Put down the flimsy Spanish page

“Good news, I can, I think, determine

From this poor rag—if only German

Were planetary as it should be—

And then, of course, as well, I would be

Making news once more, instead

Of having to pretend I’m dead.

But what I read from this and get

Upon the worldwide internet

Is that the “home of brave and free”

Will soon have leaders just like me,

Who understand race should be pure

And know that you can trick the poor

With promises you’ll never keep

Until you stand atop the heap

Of those who thought you’d never rise

And now you’re Fuehrer—big surprise!

Your face on coins and postage stamps!

I wonder where they’ll put the camps?”

He shuffled to his glowing screen.

“A second chance! Why this could mean

At last I can be more alive

Than I have been since ’45.

This Kind needs help—that’s clear to see—

With me, we’ll bring back ‘33

And, best of all, I’ll blow this dump!”

He slowly typed in, “Dear Herr Trump”.


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