trump said to the man at the Wayback Machine:

“It’s time for a change because I didn’t mean

All those things that the media claims to be quoting

But which are all lies—as was proved by the voting.”


The man flicked a switch and backward went time

And trump had a list out, “It’s really a crime

What those journalists claimed was like truth from the Bible—

Now I am the boss man, let’s talk about libel!


But first let us edit as quick as we may

Those words that we all know I never would say.

First, folks that the Times claims who I said were “rapists”

When, really, what I said was they were “escapists”—


Who, ‘cause there’s no wall which can keep them away,

Escaped border guards and came up here to stay.

And, while we’re correcting, please change that word “dealer”.

I actually said they were “only a feeler”


Which meant that, with no wall to act as persuasion,

Those folks were just scouts for a massive invasion

Which now, thanks to me, will not happen at all

With my plan for a thousand-foot high concrete wall


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