Verbum Sap.

“The system is broken—

Or really bent

Since only the folks

Of the one percent

Or those with friends

Among the rich

Can join the race

And sell their pitch.


The system is rigged,

But that’s nothing new.

The Media’s in it

‘cause that’s what they do.

If you don’t believe me

Ask yourself if it’s true

That they’d ever elect

Anybody like you?


And that’s why I’m running:

I represent

The ones at the bottom—

The many percent

Lacking money and power

To make a call

On their fellow voters—

But I have it all.


Since the system is rigged

Except for the few

Who sit at the top

Where there’s a fine view

Of whom to control

And just what to do

To keep it away

From people like you.


My daddy helped me:

That’s only fair,

But I’m a self-made


Who makes a haul

In whatever I do,

So I’m the perfect

Man for you.


‘Cause the system is rigged.

It’s run by a few

Like Hillary Clinton

And her husband, too

And they’ll make it worse

Before they are through,

But they’ve got the power,

So what can you do?


I say drain that swamp

And now—not later—

And as for every


Well, folks, I ask

What would be fun

When there’s a target

And you have a gun?


Or the system stays rigged,

So what can you do?

I’ve got an idea—

In fact, I’ve a few—

But I never say them—

I just give a clue

And what you do with it

My friends, up to you.”


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