Corrido de los Comentarios Degradantes

Oh, si, senor! You know, the times are so crappy

Down here to the south—in my tattered serape

I doze in the sun, sombrero pulled low,

But bad hombres are lurking wherever I go!


Cuidado! Cuidado! Tener cuidado!

You look to the north, there’s a terrible shadow—

It’s those hombres, the bad ones,

Who ruined Detroit

And now they look south

For new lands to exploit!


They think me and all of my people are bugs—

Las cucarachas, they say, and we scuttle with drugs

Through the border and north with never a pause

The way they can scuttle through US tax laws.


Cuidado! Cuidado! Cuidado, amigo!

Those hombres will use us up wherever we go,

From picking their fruit

To trimming their shrubs

They see us as nothing

But migrating grubs!


They use us in factories to make double-knits

But pay us in peanuts, with no benefits,

While all the time screaming that using us robs

Their ignorant voters of poorly-paid jobs.


Cuidado! Cuidado! Beware of that gringo

Who says nice things down here, then goes home and bingo

We’re killers and rapists

(that’s almost a quote)

And should be deported–

Except those who vote.


And so, evil hombres are not just our disorder:

There are plenty of those guys just north of the border.

If only we knew how to exclude them all—

Hey—what do you say that we build a big wall?


Un muro! Un muro! Si! Con nuestro muro

We’d deal with those hombres and be mas seguro!

And unlike trump’s wall,

With this we’re okay

And to keep him outside

We’d be so glad to pay!


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