Must See

Jinping popped beers for all his staff

And sat among them. “Gotta laugh,”

He said, “at what you’re going to see–

This weird thing called democracy.


Two self-appointed people who

Are no more qualified than you

Will stand up there and talk away

And what a pair! It’s plain as day


You can’t trust either one—the lies

Are bad enough you’ll roll your eyes

And she—well, maybe I’m unkind,

But Mao’s last wife comes straight to mind.


And he? He’s got those little hands

he waves about as he demands

that they believe him—what a chump!

That, comrades, that is conman Trump.


Now, while he caws and shouts and hoots

About our trade, we make his suits

And ties and shirts and teddy bears

And even offer discount chairs,


Along with t-shirts, slippers, soap,

And ball point pens—he has no hope

Of truth—for all his constant lobs

That we’re the ones who steal the jobs


While he is forced to wade in deep

With us because we make things cheap—

But, truth is, he’s a capitalist

Though, while he profits, must insist


He’d leave us out, if he were able,

But since his products bear our label,

It’s we’re to blame—oh, there’s the clown–

Note stupid baseball hat and frown–


Yet much more fun than state tv–

You’ll laugh so hard, in fact, you’ll pee!

But down in front! You! Quiet there!

Just watch her smile! And watch his hair!


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