“Another truly great idea!” donald trump announced.

“It came as always, in a flash, but then, you know, I bounced

It off the best advisors—‘cause I always get the best

And each one said, ‘Pure genius! We’re always so impressed!’

So I sat up in trump tower and thought and thought and thought

About how we could shake up things and now I know we ought

To help the most deserving folks—who make our country great

And suffer such neglect because they choose to understate

The services they do for all while others moan and bitch.

I mean, of course, those patriots, yes, folks, the super-rich.

They’re modest and retiring and would rather not appear

In public while their companies help change the atmosphere—

And not just in the U.S.A.—they have a global reach—

Their oil slicks and their plastics can be found on every beach.

They also spend a pile of cash in Washington because

Our congressmen need lots of help in passing useful laws.

So what’s my great idea? I can hear you asking me.

It’s how to help the trickle in our slow economy

Because we know that trickle’s based on fundamental law,

But currently it suffers from a really serious flaw.

To turn the trickle to a flood, or, at least, a steady flow,

The rich should keep a larger part of all their hidden dough.

In fact, if we were really smart (I am, as you recall)

It’s time we passed a law so they don’t pay a tax at all.

And so, folks, by this method they’d be wealthy as can be

And help the poor and middle class (while also helping me).”



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