Canzon de los Camiones de Taco

My name’s Senor Trump.

I’m your candidate

If you are for law and for order

And the figures all show

That the law’s greatest foe

Is those rapists from south of the border.


The studies are plain:

They invade the U.S.

Like a cloud of seraped mosquitos.

But it’s really not luck

When you’re driving a truck

Weighted down with a load of burritos!


For, once they’re inside,

They stoke up their stoves

And produce a cuisine that’s Hispanic,

But what they are warming

Is so habit-forming

It’s no wonder that I’m in a panic!


Ay, ay, el taco!

More addicting than drink or tobacco!

To build a big fence

Against that is good sense.

Trust me and you’ll see I’m no whacko!


All crime comes from them—

Along with our lawns,

So to blame them is hardly a folly,

And I’m not being crude

When I point to their food—

God knows what’s inside a tamale!


So now you can see

What I mean about them:

Send eleven-plus million away,

Then up goes the wall,

At least a mile tall—

For which we’ll make Mexico pay!


But hold on: there’s more!

When the taco trucks go,

I’ve ideas in bales and in oodles!

My very next scheme–

With your help, it’s no dream–

Tell Congress to ban rahmen noodles!


Ay, ay el taco!

More addicting than drink or tobacco!

And voting for me

Will make us beaner-free,

So you see that I can’t be a whacko!




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