There’s a complicated kind of dance that politicians do,

And, if you want to be one, well, you’d better do it, too.

You say what you are thinking, but that’s sometimes on the fly,

And then it comes right back to you and hits you in the eye.

You’re in danger of the truth and know your enemies will spread it,

But the answer’s clear as day, dude: you just say you never said it.


Walk it back, walk it back.

Or it may be an attack.

Don’t be nervous, don’t be shy—

After all, it’s not a lie!

Since you’re sure you never said it,

Walk it back.


Think, for instance, that you find yourself indebted to a man

Who’s been praising you—but he’s Grand Wizard of the Klu Klux Klan.

You are really not a racist—it’s a charge you must deny,

But you do not want to lose the votes this Wizard can supply.

You have quoted him in tweets—and you have given him the credit,

So you turn and face the cameras and you say you never said it.


Walk it back, walk it back.

It’s not a chasm—just a crack

In your armor—and you can bet

That your fan base will forget

That you ever really said it—

Walk it back!


The day will come when you will be transported from The City

To stand before the judges of the Oversight Committee

Who sit each day before the Pearly Gates and do the judging

Of souls who’ve died—they’re experts and they know when you’ve been fudging.

Just stand up straight and keep in mind, it’s just a quick self-edit

And not a lie when you deny it all—you never said it.


Walk it back, walk it back.

It’s no time for being slack.

So your whole life’s been a lie?

Still, it’s worth a college try,

So just smile as you deny.

Walk it back!


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