D. Trump continued on his usual tack:

Desperately looking for things to attack.

“Get searching!” he shouted to a groveling lackey.

“There must be more stuff we can use that is tacky


And finding a thing like that ought to be easy:

Read lots about Hil till you start to feel queasy.

Or think of her husband, and every dumb chick

He’s hit on for years—that’s always the trick.


Then up ran an aide with a smug little look,

Clutching a massive and ponderous book.

“Well, boss, I have found us the perfect solution

Printed right here in the US constitution.”


Trump read the page, and his hair stood upright.

“Well, it looks pretty good, at least at first sight.

We’ve got her right now and she’s almost at bay

for wanting to weaken our pet 2nd A.


Okay—get it going and make sure that it’s bad—

With just that shrill tone of a Trump attack ad!”

Then there was a pause as he bent to his task

And almost by accident Trump thought to ask,


“So tell me—‘cause this is all so new to me—

Exactly what’s in Constitution, Article 3?”

“It’s right after Constitution, Article 2,

So maybe as piggyback we thought it might do


And it’s old, so it might just appeal to some groups

And we know that it has something to do with some troops,

So we googled and read it was based on some fact

From the past, something they once called the “Quartering Act”.


“Sounds good—just as long as we’re shouting that she

Is against it.” “But is she?” “That’s is as may be.

It isn’t our business to prove it—it’s hers

And again and again, each time it occurs.


We use innuendo—we only suggest

And people believe just what they think best.

I say ‘maybe’ and ‘might’ and ‘lots of folks say’

But facts and, worse, proof—they’d just get in the way!


And I’ll tell you one thing—and it’s knowledge for free–

No voter knows shit about Article 3.

Campaigners throw shit—and one of the tricks

Is to fling it and fling it till some of it sticks.”


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