As he was driving in his car,

A Lonely Voice heard on NPR

How Facebook had, ten minutes since,

Bought everybody’s fingerprints,

While Google, only yesterday,

Seized everybody’s DNA

And Snapchat, not to be outdone,

Demanded every firstborn son.


And the Lonely Voice said:

“Take me back from the future!

Give me anything but this!

Can’t you see we’re tottering on

A privacy precipice?


They now know where we’re going to

And trace just where we’re from.

They shadow every more we make

Because we were so dumb

To give them all the equivalent

Of a personal encyclopedia

And in return, what did we get?

Those empty social media!”


And the Lonely Voice cried:

“Give me back my future!

Set my identity free!

You can have my money, but,

Please give me back my Me!”


But there was nothing he could say,

No way could he be freed

From being swept up and trampled in

The digital stampede.

“I’m going off-line!” was his cry,

But all they did was give him

A few suggestions for some things

Which matched his algorithm.


And the Lonely Voice sobbed:

“Take me back pre-internet,

When all was secret bliss,

Instead of now as down we fall

From the privacy precipice!”


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