“I have friends who are Muslims, folks.

I’m really not playing games!

I have friends who are Muslim:

I’m just no good with names!

Let’s see—-


Oh—there’s Abu—that’s one,

And… Aladdin, two,

And…Jasmin, three,

And Rajah—that makes four.


Then…Iago, five,

And Jafar—that’s six.

And…Sultan—that’s seven—

I know that there must be more!


Wait—there’s Ali Baba—eight,



That makes ten.


So many, yes, so many, folks!

No Muslim friends? Look–there’s ten.

And if I take a moment now…

Let’s see—oh–I’ll begin again.


Two more appear now right away

There’s… Couscous and… his cousin…

Falafel, and with those two, folks,

It makes an even dozen.


So, hate Muslims? Me? Impossible!

I’m so misunderstood!

And when I say send them all home—

It’s just for their own good.”


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