Infelix Culpa

“Things have come to a terrible crisis,

When Hillary Clinton gives us Isis.

That’s so sad, but worse—it’s true–

She’s the major cause of World War Two


And likewise she had much to do

With World War One and the Spanish Flu

And the crash of Amelia Earhart’s plane

And the sinking at Havana of the battleship, Maine,


But why stop there? I’ve heard before

That she was the reason for the Civil War,

And, further back, when the world was flat,

Brought the Black Death to Europe (along with a rat).


The Roman Empire? She caused its fall,

And she acted as a kind of wrecking ball

To Babylon and at least one scholar thinks

She once knocked the nose off the pharaoh’s sphinx.


And back, at last, to where she was breeding

Original sin, in the Garden of Eden,

She used her lawyer tricks on the Snake,

On Adam, on God, and no mistake—


If you vote for her, the final cost

Will be our American paradise lost!”

Said Donald Trump to his bathroom mirror,

Adding, “I hardly think I could be much clearer!”


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