O sweet, O lovely Wall

“So tell me about this old wall,” D. Trump said,

Skyping loudly with some businessman

Whose factory in China does not make Trump goods (really!),

Although it most certainly can.


“It’s big, isn’t it, and you see it from space.

That’s a myth? Are you sure? Well, go figure!”

(and he made a quick note on his blank legal pad:

Our wall has got to be bigger!)


“And it was built out of brick—or it’s stone—I forget,

when I saw it—that is, in Mulan

It was failing to keep out the Huns—that took her

But at least she was dressed like a man!


So brick? Or it’s stone? You say that it’s both?

And it’s also rammed earth, mud, and wood?

(Note to self: could we save if we built it of mud?

Would it look like concrete, if we could?)


500 miles long? Is that right? No? that’s wrong?

1400? Well, I couldn’t be wronger!

(And he jotted once more on the face of his pad:

Make our wall twice that or much longer!)


And what does it do, if there are no more Huns?

Does it keep out the wetbacks and such?

Does it keep out the people in turbans? Say what?

Did you just say it doesn’t do much?


It looks nice? The parts which survive? Lots do not?

Is this damned hookup to be trusted?

It doesn’t do shit, it’s made out of mud

And many long stretches are busted?


You Chinese are supposed to be smart—so what’s this,

Besides being an ancient erection?

You’d do well to bulldoze it, build Trump Tower 2.

(Note: ours goes up day after election.)”



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