“It’s not fair! said Obama, in an e-mail burst.

“Go get your own terrorists! I founded it first!”

Hil replied, “On your list of epic fails!

You’ll find I did it in my missing e-mails!”


“Nonsense! Baseless claims are such a pain!

I’m the one—my middle name’s Hussein!

And, if even that doesn’t do the trick,

My first name means ‘blessed’ in Arabic.”


“But I’m the one in Trump’s hysteria

Who’s blamed for Libya, Egypt, Syria,

And, just to aid another layer,

He says I’m Isis’ most valuable player.”


“So you deserve a trophy—great!

I’m the citizen of another state

And add this to your feeble list:

I’m a Muslim, not a Methodist.


And lots of people say—says Donald Trump–

That maybe I’m just an awful chump

Or a man involved in a grievous error

But maybe I’m behind the world of terror—


Obama Bin Laden—you see, that’s me,

The head of a world conspiracy.”

With that, Hil shook her head and wrote,

“Although I’ve lied in every vote


And cheated, too, throughout my life

From senator to president’s wife,

I have to say that, on that level,

The best I can do is be the devil.”


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