A Midsummer Trump’s Dream

“Whose hat is pointy?

Who’s got warts on her nose?

(It’s Hillary!)

Who’s got a black cat

And raggedy clothes?

(Yes, Hillary!)

Who rides a broomstick

besides Harry Potter?

Who enjoys hellfire

But wishes it hotter?

Who thinks of babies

As great sabbath fodder?

(Hillary, that’s who!)


Who is as slippery

As two bogs of eels?

(Yep, Hillary!)

Who has a dozen werewolves

at her heels?

(That’s Hillary!)

Who fills most voters

With moments of dread?

Who showers curses

On everyone’s head?

Who summoned

Bernie back from the dead?

(Hillary, that’s who!)


What can we do to remove her

You say?

(Truth, Hillary?)

Medieval people can show us the way.

(Foolproof, Hillary!)

First they would give her

a duck in the lake,

then they would stretch her

to see what would break,

then there would be

a quick trip to the stake.

(Poof, Hillary!)


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