Faute de Mieux

We’ve had campaign slogans now for many years.

Each election cycle, more than one appears.

G.O.P. and Dem alike

Have produced their “I Like Ike”

To adorn lapels and automotive rears.


But when I hear that silly sentence, “I’m With Her”,

There is something which can make old memories stir.

It was written on a T

And the wording seemed to me

To say “I’m with stupid” with an arrow towards the slur.



I’m not with her.

I’m not with her.

I’d be with him ‘cause he’s the one whom I’d prefer,

But, thanks to the DNC

All we’ve got is Hillary

So I have to disagree:

I’m not with her.


Then I feel there is a second message meant

And I’m sure it was the sloganeer’s intent.

If not with her, it’s clear to see

That you are with the enemy—

It’s the black and white of that which I resent.


Big dollars and persistence narrow what we choose

To the candidate whom many would refuse,

But we’re backed against the wall

With no wiggle room at all:

Vote for her or face what happens if we lose.



I’m not with her.

I’m not with her.

It’s a choice which certainly I would defer.

But the situation’s clear

And inevitable, I fear,

So I want to say it here

That I’m not with her.


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