Stop, Thief!

It isn’t as if he is actually lying,

But someone should say to the Speaker, Paul Ryan,

When he cries in a voice which practically throbbed,

That the Republican Party’s been brutally robbed,

Its soul being stolen, he should hold back those tears:

That part of the party’s been missing for years.

If it ever existed and had moral power,

It was back in the era of Dwight Eisenhower,

Was mislaid in Goldwater’s time, faintly shone,

In the days of Dick Nixon, who wanted a throne,

But increasingly shrank and rarely was seen

When we lived with St. Reagan and his welfare queen,

To finally fade out when there came the Decider,

The puppet for a powerful D.C. insider

Whose goals for the party seemed to focus on which

Were the methods to limit the vote, help the rich,

And make the U.S. the aggressor in war,

Where first came attack, and then reasons for.

The party’s soul’s stolen? By D. Trump’s attacks?

Mr. Ryan might pause to consider the facts:

By becoming the party of exclusion and wealth,

The G.O.P.’s actually stolen itself.


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