I Pledge Allegiance

To an ever-increasing chorus of boos,

Ted stood up and declared for his favorite, Ted Cruz.

It’s no surprise—though laid on the shelf,

Ted’s loyalty’s strong—when it comes to himself.


It’s a life-long affair, which allows him to say

Any thing that he needs to, to keep Ted in play

(although when, one time, there was something he said

Which was less than the truth, he was called “Lyin’ Ted”,


But we’re glad it was something he could quickly deny,

(For, as we all know, candidates never lie.)

So now he stood up, and said, loud, proud, and strong,

Some things really not right, but, then, really not wrong.


They were all about conscience (he’s got one somewhere)

But he never referred to just why he was there

Though it gave him the chance, so how could he lose?

To refer to the thing he loves best: yep, Ted Cruz.



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