Just Plain

(A candidate talks to her/himself)


Just because I’m rich don’t mean

I’m not like you ‘n’ me.

And here’s the way I show it:

Hear me drop that final g.

And so I’m always goin’, blowin’, showin’

I’m like you.

So listen close and maybe you can soon be like me, too.


So say likin’, bikin’, hikin’—

Just remember votin’, too.

It may sound kind of hokey,

But the point is to sound folky—

That’s what politicians do.

And say dyin’, sighin’, tryin’

And remember what I said:

The more you drop those final g’s,

The more your neck looks red.


I’m not much for speechifyin’,

But times are, when I do,

I clean forget my alphabet,

My whom, and grammar, too.

But if you’re askin’ what’s essential,

It seems clear to me

That you should always start

By losin’ every final g.


So say stalkin’, walkin’, talkin’,

Not to mention votin’, too.

To every group who’ll focus

Just use verbal hocus-pocus:

They’ll be caucusin’ for you.

And say tight’nin’, lightnin’, fright’nin’

At most every chance you can.

It’s clearly seen

G stands between

Me and the common man.



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