Mr. Noah’s Mistake

One day God said to Noah,

“Man’s broke and just can’t mend.

I’m going to drown him in a flood,

So now the world will end.

But you and all your kinfolk

Are people who I’ll save,

So build yourself a big ol’ boat

And you can ride the wave.


And then the wind will rise

And the skies will soon grow dark,

But, Noah, you’ll be safe and sound

Inside your home-made ark.


Now, listen closely, Noah,

And hear what you must do.

Go out and bring in animals

In couples, two by two.

Be sure you get some camels

And a pair of kangaroo,

And also bring some dinosaurs

‘cause you have to save them, too.”


And then the wind did rise,

And the skies grew very dark

As Noah and his sailing zoo

Climbed up aboard that ark.


For forty days and forty nights

They watched it rain and rain

Before, at last, the clouds blew off

And the sun came out again.

Then Noah went into the hold

To take a look around,

But rushed back up and told his wife

The dreadful thing he found.


“And when the wind did rise,

And the ark began to shake,

I tried too hard to multitask

And made a big mistake!


I started into counting

And saw that I had two

Of every living animal,

From snake to cockapoo,

But when I reached the bottom,

I found what I had done

Was bring along three crocodiles,

But for dinos—only one!


It was a big mistake

For which there’s no solution,

And you know some day some guy will say

It proves there’s evolution!


I meant to check and double-check,

But you know how it is:

When you’re running a menagerie,

There’s barely time to wiz!

I’m sorry, Lord, I truly am,

That that dino’s so forlorn.

On the other hand, we’ve more than one

When it comes to a unicorn.”


So that’s what Noah said,

Watching animals disembark,

But we all know they’ll make it right

In a Kentucky Bible park!


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