Destiny (to be sung under the breath at town hall meetings)

I’m America’s future.

I’m all she can be.

And when I say that she’s very special,

Of course I mean me!

Never mind all the issues.

It’s only important to see

My name on the oval office.

Think i-ne-vi-ta-bi-li-ty!


One more step towards my destination.

One more step—and then you’ll see!

One more step—step aside, Obama—

Give me back what you stole from me!

You should think that I deserve it—

Just scroll back and read the news:

Wife of potus, senator, secretary—

That should say that I’ve paid my dues!


It doesn’t matter I’m chilly.

Ignore all that transparent guile.

See, I can smile like a good politician:

Ever see a crocodile smile?

Almost there—I can smell it!

Bernie? I really could care!

All that’s left is that Texas mushmouth

And then there’s the Id with the hair!


One more stop till my destination.

One more step for me alone.

One more hop till my coronation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    And there’s me—Hillary!—on the throne.

It’s the only choice before you.

There is no alternative.

Just consider the competition:

Come with me if you want to live!


One more step and then it’s over.

I’m so proud that I could burst.

One more step and I’ll sit in clover.

“Hail to the Chief”—Hillary the First!






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